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We have more than 40 years of experience working for the most important companies in the finishing textile industry. Nowadays, MAQUINARIA TEXTIL PROATEX SL is the result of the union of its two founders who are committed with the development of a leader and a new line of machinery generation.

We are a company bringing solidity and great experience. We produce and manufacture all our equipment in Europe in a 100%. We have our own facilities in Catalonia with location in Sentmenat at Barcelona area.

Always at the forefront of the latest energy and water saving improvements and specialized in vacuum and submerged suction technology applied to all our machines in order to achieve higher performance and cost reduction for our customers.

Our washing, bleaching and dyeing machines are a reference within the textile industry.

We have a technical repair service for our customers. Our professionals are advisors and perform old machinery’s adaptation for greater performance and energy savings. Customers also count with our supply for all kind of spare parts needed.

MAQUINARIA TEXTIL PROATEX S.L. is a guarantee of trust and future for your company.