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After more than 40 years of work in the textile sector MAQUINARIA TEXTIL PROATEX S.L. has developed and released to the market a new line of jiggers with maximum electric efficiency. After many years of improvement and adaptation to our customers’ needs we have developed two models of jiggers: the SMART-ELECTRIC and the SMART VAC-ELECTRIC.

The SMART-ELECTRIC model is a jigger for dyeing delicate fabrics that require minimal tension, suffering minimal stress during work cycles due to the motors and the power torque. It is composed of a pneumatically actuated compensated pendulum and by an encoder that allows us to control distance between the rolled fabric and the pendulum cylinder.

The SMART VAC-ELECTRIC model is developed for dyeing with submerged suction that increases performance by passing the bath with chemical agents through the fabric.



  • Actuation by servo motors (brand to be defined) to control the speed of the fabric as well as its position.
  • The body of the tank is made of AISI-316 and the rest of the set in can be with AISI-316 or carbon steel options.
  • Automatic doors with great visibility of the fabric.
  • Direct and indirect steam both in the bath and on the machine ceiling
  • Set for fabric centering and recirculation bath pump.
  • Level of the machine’s bath, as well as a set of options not included in the standard machine such as manual filter, outlet reel and other accessories or installation.


  • Reduction of time in the machine production processes.
  • Better fabric washing and dyeing.
  • Higher quality in the fabric executed.
  • Electricity and water sawing, as well as the chemical products used in the processes.

Our machines are 100% manufactured in Spain after many years of experience in the textile industry. We use and work with leading brand electrical equipment (customizable to customer’s needs, although they are mainly from SIEMENS company), vacuum pumps from brand leaders in the market (customizable although we mainly work with NASH brand pumps), stainless and rubberized cylinders, benches and machinery chassis manufactured in our facilities.

Indeed, we have a great capacity to give solutions to any need of our clients.

All our machinery lines are committed to the environment, water and energy saving, as well as the chemical products used. We are constantly improving our products and machines to reduce the environmental impact and to contribute to savings and planet caring.