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MAQUINARIA TEXTIL PROATEX S.L. has developed and launched to the market a new line of machinery for the highest performance in continuous washing flow process after more than 40 years of work improvements in the textile sector.

The process consists of an innovative system based on the combination of vacuum and submerged suction for continuous washing with high performance through an sprayed and suction tube, SPRAY VACUUM WASHER, placed at the inlet that performs an intensive pre-wash and which reduces the degree of contamination. Later it enters in the inside bath in which two submerged suction tubes are installed to force the passage of the bath through the fabric by a pump, achieving, this way, a high extraction of polluting products and consequently a high washing performance.

When leaving the bath, the fabric goes through a squeezer after being sprayed again to pass through a tension and guided control.

Finally, the fabric passes through another SPRAY VACUUM WASHER system that performs an intense final rinse and reduces humidity before entering to other compartment or drying.

Machine’s main characteristics:

  • Increased production by combining vacuum and submerged suction.
  • Faster drying speed due to the reduction of humidity achieved in the latest VACUUM WASHER SPRAY.
  • Lower energy and water consumption
  • Fabric washing with maximum efficiency and performance in a one reduced place.
  • Fast return on investment thanks to high performance, modular and adaptable to any installation already in operation (adaptable to any sort of machine).
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Our machines are 100% manufactured in Spain after many years of experience in the textile industry. We use and work with leading brand electrical equipment (customizable to customer’s needs, although they are mainly from SIEMENS company), vacuum pumps from brand leaders in the market (customizable although we mainly work with NASH brand pumps), stainless and rubberized cylinders, benches and machinery chassis manufactured in our facilities.

Indeed, we have a great capacity to give solutions to any need of our clients.

All our machinery lines are committed to the environment, water and energy saving, as well as the chemical products used. We are constantly improving our products and machines to reduce the environmental impact and to contribute to savings and planet caring.