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Achieving more than 40 years of working experience within the textile sector, MAQUINARIA TEXTIL PROATEX S.L has developed a new line of machinery for continuous washing combining technology and innovation in traditional flow continuous processes.

The firm offers a wide range of washing and impregnation machinery which applies the best technology in performance and textiles tension control. Products provide maximum efficiency and flexibility to meet our customers’ needs in continuous flow with the highest resources’ optimization to guarantee a very attractive and interesting cost/performance.

All our continuous flow installations guarantee:

  • High washing effect
  • Minimum energy and water consumption
  • Advance without textile wrinkles and controlled tension
  • Soft operation
  • Robustness and simple machinery maintenance.

Washing, bleaching, dyeing and causticizing equipments are available through different modular units.

Our machinery line for causticizing offers top quality finishes for the denims sector. Providing high performance, high end quality finishes, high washing effect, minimal energy and water consumption, as well as a low maintenance. Moreover, equipments are fully automated.

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Besides that, another machinery line is the one for washing through of highly efficient units with individual compartments that force the bath into “z” movements. This process is caused by the openings on the sides that allow the clean bath to circulate countercurrent in the opposite direction to the entrance of the textile stuff.

This bath circulation does not allow more supply of clean water in the flow than just the enough for a washing with the highest level of efficiency. The unit is composed of individual motorized cylinders for better guidance and control of tensions, separate compartments for having less water contamination, countercurrent feeding system, large diameter passage cylinders to avoid wrinkles, sealing for better washing effect and lower steam consumption, and plus, load cells for textile control tensions.

They are efficient machines in energy and water consumption and easily accessible for handling mechanical elements as well as a modular system adaptable to any existing washing installation.

Other units in our product’s portfolio which are adaptable to continuous flow installations are vacuum-washer with spray vacuum and submerged suction. These installations units are adaptable to the needs of customers and the textile to be worked in them.

Our machines are 100% manufactured in Spain after many years of experience in the textile industry. We use and work with leading brand electrical equipment (customizable to customer’s needs, although they are mainly from SIEMENS company), vacuum pumps from brand leaders in the market (customizable although we mainly work with NASH brand pumps), stainless and rubberized cylinders, benches and machinery chassis manufactured in our facilities.

Indeed, we have a great capacity to give solutions to any need of our clients.

All our machinery lines are committed to the environment, water and energy saving, as well as the chemical products used. We are constantly improving our products and machines to reduce the environmental impact and to contribute to savings and planet caring.